Warman Elementary Bike Safety Rodeo

The Warman Elementary Bike Safety Rodeo was a huge success. The students had a fun time sharpening their bike safety skills.  Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this event possible.

The Loon’s Necklace

During this art project the class read the Tsimshian legend, The Loon’s Necklace.  In this legend, an old man’s sight is restored by Loon. As a reward, the old man gave the bird his precious shell necklace.  That is why the loon has a white collar and speckles on it’s back.  The students used various paints and construction paper to complete this project.  These are currently on display in our classroom. Enjoy!

Math: Geometry

To Parents and Adults at Home…

Your child’s class has started a mathematics unit on geometry. Geometric shapes are all around us, and mathematics can help your child recognize them. Understanding geometric form will help your child appreciate the geometry found in art, design, architecture, and nature.

In this unit, your child will:

  • Identify and name various shapes with 3 or more sides
  • Build, represent, and describe geometric objects
  • Draw and talk about 2-D shapes and 3-D objects

Encourage your child to look for geometric shapes and objects around the home and neighbourhood, and talk about them. Here are some suggestions for activities that you can do at home:

Look for geometric shapes in buildings and street signs. For example, a stop sign is the shape of an octagon, and a yield sign is the shape of a triangle.

Look around the house for geometric shapes. Talk about the shapes you find. As you do, look closely at the corners and sides of the shapes. Count the corners and sides with your child.

Look for 3-D objects around your home, such as a fridge, stove, table legs, and so on. If possible, ask your child to count the number of corners and edges. Talk about how the object’s shape is related to its purpose.

Look through magazines with your child to find as many different 2-D shapes and 3-D objects as you can find.

Important Dates in May

Thursday May 9th – Fine Arts Night

Tuesday May 14th – Bike Rodeo (Bring your bike and helmet to school if you can.)

Wednesday May 15th – Hot Lunch

Friday May 17th –  No classes for students

Monday May 20th – Victoria Day: No School

Thursday, June 6 – Grade 3 Track

Thursday, June 13 – Grade 3s are going to the spray park in the pm

Wednesday, June 19

  • Grade 3s are going bowling in the morning
  • Grade 3s are going to the spray park in the afternoon

Friday, June 21 – Family Picnic

Wednesday, June 26 – Last day of classes

A Fun Time with the Warman Collective Garden

On Tuesday some presenters from the Warman Collective Garden came into our classroom to teach us about Earth Day, reusing materials, and composting. Here are some pictures of the fun time we had. Thank you to our two special presenters!

Garden EXperience Field Trip!

Here are some pictures of our field trip from the other week!  We learned about good bugs and bad bugs, plants, composting and more!  I hope you all enjoy the lovely tomato plant each student got to bring home.  We had a great day! A big thank you to Agriculture in the Classroom for providing such a great opportunity.

Important Dates in April

Monday, April 15

  • Students will reflect on ways they can help the earth

Tuesday, April 16

  • Warman Community Garden is coming to our classroom to present us a lesson!
  • Turn it off Tuesday – to conserve energy, the school will power down some lights throughout the building

Wednesday, April 17

  • Waste Free Wednesday – students are encouraged to bring a garbage free lunch to school
  • SCC Hot Lunch
  • SCC Spring Fling Family Dance 6:30 – 8:00

Thursday, April 18

  • Thankful Thursday – Classes will participate in a school-wide garbage clean-up. Please send you child to school with some gloves for the clean-up

Friday, April 19 – Good Friday (no classes)

Monday, April 22 – Easter Monday (no classes)

Tuesday, April 23 – Friday, April 26 – Easter Break (no classes)

Monday, April 29 – Classes resume

Thursday, May 9 – Fine Arts Night

Tuesday, May 14 – Bike Rodeo

Wednesday, May 15 – SCC Hot Lunch

Math: Multiplication and Division

Dear Parents,

Your child’s class is starting a mathematics unit on multiplication and division. Multiplication and division are basic computational skills that children must eventually master in order to succeed in higher levels of mathematics. The focus of this unit is on developing an understanding of the processes of multiplication and division in order to develop strategies for multiplying and dividing whole numbers up to 5 x 5. Children will use counters, number lines, and arrays to develop their understanding.

In this unit, your child will:

  • Model multiplication and division up to 5 x 5
  • Find strategies to multiply and divide up to 5 x 5
  • Pose and solve story problems involving multiplication and division.

Encourage your child to share different strategies used to multiply and divide.

We use multiplication and division in many day-to-day situations.
Here are some suggestions for activities you can do at home:

  • Look for things that come in groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5. Create problems. For example: Bikes have 2 tires. How many tires are on 4 bikes?
  • Use a deck of playing cards, using only the 1s (Aces) to 5s. Shuffle the cards. Flip the first card. This represents the number of groups. Flip the second card. This represents the number of objects in each group. Have your child draw a picture to match the cards, and write a multiplication and division sentence to match the picture. Continue until all cards are used up.

Polar Bears

In social studies we are currently learning about the Inuit and Arctic of Northern Canada. Our inspiration to create these projects came from learning about the Arctic and the artwork of Eric Carle.