Some Great Online Resources

Here is a list of some great educational resources. At the moment I am exploring resources and will re-post this when I add more.

EPIC! – Thousands of online books, educational videos, quizzes, etc. Instructions were emailed to parents.

Headsprout – Self-paced phonics and comprehension lessons. Instructions were emailed to parents.

Prodigy – A great online math based game. The students are already familiar with this resource and have their passwords and usernames in the front of their planners. If you require a username and password, let me know and I can email it to you.

CoolMath4Kids – A collection of math games, manipulatives, and more.

TypingClub – A great resource for typing instruction and keyboard skills. The students already have usernames and passwords in the front of their planners.

Reading Comprehension Strategy: Inferring

The latest comprehension strategy we have been learning is inferring.

“When readers learn to infer while reading:

  • they learn to look for clues in text, in pictures, and their own knowledge that will help them to make sense of the text.
  • they are encouraged to become good “book detectives.”
  • they learn that some authors write very little text but leave clues for the reader to discover and interpret.
  • they understand that the expression “less is more” means that fewer words on the page means more thinking for the reader.
  • they are learning to fill in, their heads, what’s not written on the page.
  • they are more likely to say, “Oh, I get it now!” While they read , than “Huh? I don’t get it.” – Adrienne Gear, Reading Power

Math: Multiplication and Division

Dear Parents,

Your child’s class is starting a mathematics unit on multiplication and division. Multiplication and division are basic computational skills that children must eventually master in order to succeed in higher levels of mathematics. The focus of this unit is on developing an understanding of the processes of multiplication and division in order to develop strategies for multiplying and dividing whole numbers up to 5 x 5. Children will use counters, number lines, and arrays to develop their understanding.

In this unit, your child will:

  • Model multiplication and division up to 5 x 5
  • Find strategies to multiply and divide up to 5 x 5
  • Pose and solve story problems involving multiplication and division.

Encourage your child to share different strategies used to multiply and divide.

We use multiplication and division in many day-to-day situations.
Here are some suggestions for activities you can do at home:

  • Look for things that come in groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5. Create problems. For example: Bikes have 2 tires. How many tires are on 4 bikes?
  • Use a deck of playing cards, using only the 1s (Aces) to 5s. Shuffle the cards. Flip the first card. This represents the number of groups. Flip the second card. This represents the number of objects in each group. Have your child draw a picture to match the cards, and write a multiplication and division sentence to match the picture. Continue until all cards are used up.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

In social studies we are currently learning about the Inuit and Arctic of Northern Canada. Our inspiration to create these projects came from learning about the Arctic and the artwork of Eric Carle.


Important SCC Hot Lunch Update

Our field trip and the SCC hot lunch ended up being on the same day. Thankfully, the SCC is able to accommodate this and has moved the Grade Three hot lunch to March 25th. It is important to note that the date will still show up as the 24th on the Healthy Hunger app, but grade three students will be served their lunch on the 25th.

Upcoming Dates in March

Thursday, March 5 – Choir practices resume

Friday, March 6 – Grade 3s are going skating

Monday, March 9 – No classes for students

Thursday, March 19 – SRC $1 Popcorn Sale

Friday, March 20
– Grade 3s are going skating
– Learning summaries go home
– Rock your socks for World Down Syndrome Day

Tuesday, March 24 – Grade 3 Field trip

Wednesday, March 25 – SCC hot lunch

Thursday, March 26 – Learning conferences

Friday, March 27 – No school

Tuesday, March 31 – Learning conferences

Valentine’s Day

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving everyone in the class a card.  We will be making a mailbag or box of some kind at school and the students will deliver their Valentine’s Day cards on Friday, February 14th. If students would prefer to make cards rather than buy them, I will provide materials they can use. A class list with student names was sent home last Friday so no one is missed.

Upcoming Dates in February

Friday, February 7 – Book Orders due

Tuesday, February 11 – Pizza Hut hot lunch

Friday, February 14 – SRC Valentine’s Day Spirit Day – Wear RED/PINK

Monday, February 17 – Family Day (no classes)

Tuesday, February 18 – Winter Break begins

Monday, February 24 – Classes resume

Wednesday, February 26 – Pink Shirt Day

Friday, February -SRC Sports Spirit Day

Friday, March 6 – Grade 3s are going skating at the Legends Centre

Outside Play

Yesterday was such an amazing day that we could not resist going outside with the snow saws. The students had a great time playing and creating in the warm weather.